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Hollowing Tools

Featured Hollowing Tools:

PSI Woodworking LCHOLSET HSS Hollowing Tool System (6 Piece)

  • This complete hollowing set system will make your hollowing experiences easy, effective, and affordable.
  • Complete system includes: handle and blade, (6) Interchangeable HSS Cutters, Hardened set screw, Allen wrench
  • (6) cutter profiles: 5/8" round, 1/2" round, mushroom, nose, angle tip, rounded side
  • Overall tool length is 18.5" long with 12" handle and 6.5" blade
  • The (6) 5/16" thick Cutters handle multiple interior profiling requirements

List Price: $ 49.80
Price: $ 49.22

PSI Woodworking LCHOL3 3Pc Hss Mini Hollowing Tool Set

  • The three styles offer a graduated system for initial cutting through final hollowing
  • High speed steel set includes: straight, 45 Degree, and 80 Degree tools
  • Designed to reach difficult areas through an opening as small as 1" in the top of your Vessel
  • Perfect for hollowing vessels up to 4" deep
  • See product description for tool length

List Price: $ 47.92
Price: $ 47.92

14" Swan Neck Hollowing Tool

List Price: $ 47.99
Price: $ 47.99

Oneway Termite Hollowing Tool Package

  • great for finishing custs on any flat or curved surface
  • clean cutting for pommels on spindles
  • utilizes a unique shapening system to keep it nice and sharp
  • cutters are made from HSS (CPM M4) for excellet cutter life
  • the shank has a tensile strength rating of over 110,000 PSI

List Price: $ 96.94
Price: $ 89.99

Easy Wood Tools # 6305 Full-Size Hollower #3 Carbide Insert Lathe Hollowing Tool, Maple Handle, Ci3 Cutter, Overall length: 25.5", Max Reach: 4"

  • Tool bar is made from solid Stainless Steel
  • Replaceable carbide cutters never need sharpening
  • Ergonomic Easy Grip Handle

List Price: $ 149.99
Price: $ 149.98

Crown 279A 1/4-Inch 6-mm 45-Degree Bent Square Hollowing Tool

  • Exceptional quality tools from Crown Hand Tools Ltd, Sheffield, England
  • Made from M2 high speed steel (Rockwell 62/64)
  • Gives up to 6 times the edge life of carbon tools
  • Rosewood handle

List Price: $ 46.66
Price: $ 46.66

Simple Shear Cutting Finisher - Carbide Wood Turning & Hollowing Tool with 16mm (5/8") Handle

  • Grippy rubber handle for secure grip
  • 1/2" round saucer shaped carbide shear cutter removes pain and downtime of sharpening
  • Gone forever is the long learning curve where precise angles and special tool presentation techniques must be mastered. Also gone is the need to master many sharpening techniques before you can even begin to turn, not to mention the expense of all that sharpening equipment.
  • 24" overall length
  • The Simple Shear Cutting FinisherTM provides the very best surface finish possible with a carbide tipped wood turning tool.

List Price: $ 69.99
Price: $ 69.99

1/2" Robert Sorby #845H Ring Tool

  • Designed specifically for end grain hollowing. The dual bevels allow for hollowing of internal curved surfaces and flat bottomed vessels.
  • Made from hardened and tempered high speed steel that that will keep a sharpened edge about six times longer than carbon steel and will resist "blued" softening from overheating during grinding or heavy use
  • Comes with hard White Ash handle and brass ferrule
  • Handle is 12 inches long with tool being 6 1/4 inches in length
  • Overall length is 18 1/4 inches

List Price: $ 62.88
Price: $ 59.94

Savannah Hollowing Carbide Turning Tool

  • Perfect tool for under-cutting hollow forms
  • Achieve high quality results for hollowing work
  • Handle measures approximately 19"
  • Cutter head can be rotated as needed for clean, sharp cutting edge
  • Shank measure approximately 8-3/4"

List Price: $ 99.99
Price: $ 99.99

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