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A Jet Table Saw Will Make Your Life Easer

Posted By on April 25, 2009

Having good tools are a crucial part of working in any kind of workshop. If you buy jet power tools then you will be getting a great value for your money. This business gives you a great range of power tools that can improve the quality of your existing workshop or help you create a new one. From a table saw to a power drill, they have everything you need to succeed.

Jet Lathe

This type of lathe is very easy to put together and has well written instructions to make everything running smoother for you. You may also receive another bonus tool depending on what kind of lathe you purchase. Some of the lathes will have a 8 piece chisel set or other types of tools with them. You can save money when you buy a lathe from this company. If you already own chisels, it doesn't matter because you can always use more.

Jet Lathe Features

-There are up to 6 varying settings for speed and this can range from 550 to 3000 rpm which gives you a wider range of options.

-The settings also have 35" length between the center.

-Lots of horsepower and ¾ horsepower motor.

-There is 12" swing over bed.

Table Saw

If you get a good Jet table saw then you will have all the power you need for your personal wood working shop. You can choose between 3 to 5 horsepower motor on your table saw depending on your needs. Expect a 30 to 50 inch fence. It is quite simple to set up your table saw and the instructions are easy to read. Your blade will need to be replaced once in awhile, but the saws will last for decades.

Jet Table Saw Features

-A suspended motor drive mechanism.
-For safer use there is a blade guard and an anti kick back piece.
-You can attach a suction hose to the dust collection piece to keep things cleaner.
-The cross section is contoured on the rail to give you more surface area.
-There are two start buttons to prevent accidents.
-The fence will lock to the forward rail.

More Jet Power Tools

You can find Jet planers in different styles such as an open and a close stand. You can also find one that is portable for working in other places. These come in cast iron and steel, which makes them stable and durable. The planer has 3 horsepower and the motor is kept cool by a fan. It also comes with a 3-inch dust chute, extendable rollers, and controls that are magnetic. The table can adjust with no problems so they are more useful.

If you buy a Jet floor mount drill it wil have ¾ horsepower motor and will come with 12-16 speeds, this will depend on which model you purchase. You can et a 13-inch table that has loads of room to work. You can also get the 45-degree tilt feature with a quick release clamp too.

The Jet bench mount drill gives you 16-speed settings that go form 200 to 3630 rpm. Since the workspace is 10 x 13 inches you will have lots of room. You will also get a ¾ horsepower motor with this tool. Jet tools make creating your own workshop easier than ever.

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